For Buyers

Paycelerate leverages its proprietary technology to help you work smarter, not harder – there are no manual processes or costly, long integration projects. Data is exchanged securely and automatically between our systems and your existing ERP solution using simple, industry-standard protocols.

Once you’re up and running, simply allocate your available cash and set a target return rate. Paycelerate will find the best solution for both you and your suppliers, with results automatically sent back to your ERP so internal systems are always up to date.

For Suppliers

Getting started with Paycelerate takes just a few clicks. You’ll be able to view every approved invoice from your buyers, and you can quickly choose to offer discounts on any or all of those invoices based on your cashflow needs.

You’ll always know as soon as invoices are approved and discount bids are accepted, helping you to make more informed decisions about your cashflow. Once cleared, payment is made through your existing channels – there’s no additional paperwork and no new systems to learn.

Infrastructure & security

At Paycelerate, the security and privacy of customer data is priority number one.

All in-transit communications are encrypted, with data at rest protected by a multi-layered access control protocol. Rigorous internal checks ensure that only authorized personnel can access company information.

To guarantee availability of business-critical functions, Paycelerate operates on redundant infrastructure provided by Amazon Web Services.

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