Frequently Asked Questions

Paycelerate is a service platform that uses a marketplace model to match supply and demand of short term working capital.
Paycelerate creates and operates discrete marketplaces between Buyers and their Suppliers to agree deals to accelerate payment of invoices. The marketplaces run using a weekly auction where suppliers bid to offer discounts to Buyers in return for accelerated payment.
Paycelerate uses existing Buyer – Supplier infrastructure and relationships for the early payment of approved invoices. There is no lending or credit and therefore no risk and complex credit assessments and paperwork resulting in better outcomes for both sides.
Paycelerate is designed for use by any company. We generally work with large corporate Buyers that have idle cash and are looking for better returns and Suppliers that are looking for better options to fund their growth.
Contact us at for details on how to sign up to our platform and start improving your bottom line today.
Your existing payment processes stay the same. Paycelerate facilitates agreement of new payment terms/discounts, but payment is made through existing channels.
Access to the Paycelerate platform is through unique and secure credentials and we use the latest security protocols. Data is not accessible by any third parties.

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